The P650 Running Shoes from Decathlon

Kalenji brand.

I recently got into running, and I have been using a basketball shoes that I bought few years back. I am very curious on how would it feel to run with a proper running shoes with cushioning and a little more lightweight.

But I do not want to spend a lot on it as it will be just a beater shoes. Even at P2000, I am still holding back at that budget point, even though I cannot find a decent pair at that price.

So I get my mindset to look for even just a generic brand shoes and with a budget of P1000 for it.

One day I got the chance to be at Decathlon Alabang and I found this running shoe, Kalenji brand. Its an unknown brand for me but the most attractive thing about it is its price tag. Just P650.

It is even way below than my set budget, so I tried a pair of my size and boom. I bought it.

I am not really sensitive on shoe color way or design, the other colors for these shoes goes with a higher price tag. I have no problem with the gray color, so I think its a steal.

I am not sure though how long this shoe will last. I have yet to try it and will surely update this post.


So I did a quick 3km with the shoes and it really isn’t too punishing anymore on the knees and feet for every strides I do. I guess it was the cushioning and the lighter weight does something too. This is also the first time I got back into running after a month of no runs. I was surprised that I even had faster runs on that same area than before (thanks Strava for the data). Now what’s left is to test the extent of its durability.

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