CPABuild Journey

When I decided to go back again to the CPAElites forum, after 3 years, I have been seeing this network’s┬áname on new journey posts.


I decided to sign-up on it and thought I would give it a try to see it myself if the buzz about it is true.

The UI is beautiful, albeit might be overwhelming to newbies. Even I, somehow had a hard time to finally deploy something from this network.

They have a wide array of ready made locker templates you can freely use, which are made of other users.

Today, I am writing this post because just 2 days after the deployment of my locker, I finally got a lead.

You will be greeted with a pop-up of your recent earnings when you log-on back on the site.

I know it is not much, $0.38 is absolutely nothing but it is definitely something.

My niche has a low search volume (around 100-1K monthly average search) but it is something that I managed to rank on Google’s first page and it is been sitting there for a long time without being monetized. I almost forgot about this project, and only these past few days I decided to finally monetize it.

The lead came from Mexico, which is obviously a low-paying country. I’ve yet to see a US conversion, with that very few daily traffic, I do not expect much on this project as this is a very niche project.

If US conversions on this network is better than my current network, I plan to set up a bigger project under this network.

If you want to join CPABuild, consider joining under my referral link using the link below:

Right now, there is an ongoing promotion in CPABuild. Bonus $10 is not bad at all.

When you update your profile and add a display photo, you’ll get extra $5 on the side. Another $5 when you join their usergroup in CPAElites forum.

I am still exploring the platform, I am looking into ways on how I can make a fully customized locker template that will suit my needs.

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