Fiverr Journey 2018

Today I updated my Fiverr profile and submitted a new gig.

After a lot of years that passed, I decided to came back on this site so that I can make some extra cash on the side.

I used to earn on this site, but after cashing out $80, I stopped because I eventually realized that $3 for every gig was not worth it for the hours I give just to complete the gigs that I posted.

But now, I am in desperate need of money, so here we are.

This is the gig I just posted:

I recently got into Instant Articles last year, and I found out that you cannot do automated IA conversions if your blog is on Blogger. I also had this gig for a personal client, and after transforming hundreds of his blogger posts into Instant Articles, he managed to earn more than $800 on the first month. That is how I learned every bits and pieces of this Instant Article stuff.

Sadly, I cannot replicate it on my own because I do not have the social media reach my client have. Earning from Instant Articles requires social media reach and viral posts.

  • I do not have pages with big number of likes
  • I do not work on viral posts niche

Back on the Fiverr gig, I am not sure if I would ever get an order for this gig.

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