Half Dollar Hosting Review

I have been using HalfDollarHosting since 2014, it has been 3 years already.

At first, I tried their cheap packages, and later on I decided to upgrade my hosting plan to suit my needs more. I always pay my invoice bi-anually.

I was satisfied, but not until August 2017.

All my sites went down, getting Internal Server Error’s (500) every moment then.

I sent out a ticket to the customer service, and they said they will look into it.

I patiently waited for their action, but days passed by and all that I get are blanket statements of “we will look into it”.

Then one day they didn’t bother anymore to reply with the ticket.

It seems like they are gone with the wind.

What sucks is, I just renewed for another half-year, yes because I pay invoices every 6 months.

Every single day that passes by, with my sites being down, I just keep on loosing more money from the little income these sites of mine provide. I decided to jump ship and the best action is to find a better host.

But there was a problem.

I am not able to get the files and database changes that happened in August.

Its on the front end of the sites, (can see it when the site isn’t on 500 error) but it isn’t present on the file manager, and the database changes aren’t in phpMyAdmin but data are being pulled by the sites. Weird enough, it was really a pain in the ass. I had to manually re-upload, re-post and re-comment everything. Imagine for one site that I had worked a lot during August, it has more than a hundred posts.

Not just that, I am not able to wget the backup files I made from the server. I have to manually download (good thing I was still able to download them via cPanel file manager) and re-upload it on my new host.

Now, I am on a better host. Do not bother with HalfDollarHosting.com anymore, they sucks now, unlike what they were before. Do not waste your time, effort and money using their services.


They don’t even bother to fix their main site’s certificate.

Here is a print-screen of the ticket thread. It should be read from the bottom all the way up.

Finally they are able to say that my sites are now up. Well, its because I have moved them to a new host.

Imagine this, if you are an owner of a couple of websites, and they all went down due to server side issues, how would you feel if the hosting provider never fixed it? It took me a week of downtime, when they can just fix it in no time if they really wanted to.

Things I lost:

  • money – money I paid for the hosting plan until next year.
  • money – earnings from the sites
  • google rankings – still money
  • time and effort – for trying to salvage and migrate my sites
  • trust – that’s why there is a post such as this

Well, I’ll just have to charge it to experience.

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