Mobile Internet in Thailand is a Lot Worse than PH

Just when I thought PH has the worst internet in the world, with all the data caps and speed throttling fared with “unlimited internet” ads, mobile internet in Thailand is worse.

I am currently in Thailand spending a 1-week vacation. I opted to pick a DTAC SIM card from a 711 store, you have to present your passport in order to buy one. The SIM I got has free access to social networks, even CoC, it works fine and great. Fast loading of posts/photos in Facebook and IG.

So then I thought maybe, internet here is better, I’m gonna download big files while I’m here. I checked DTAC site for packages I can subscribe to. But to my dismay, there isn’t a decent unlimited data offering. The best (I thought of) I see was a 30-day validity of 70hours time-based internet access for just 199baht. I thought it was good, but it has a fixed speed of 384kbps.

That is just plain insane 2G speed, roughly translates to just 40KB/s download speed. It is just not worth it. The other packages (that isn’t time-based) has data cap (volume-based), more expensive for a GB of data at full 42mbps speed then then will be throttled to the same 2G speed when the limit is reached.

Also, all add-on packages is subject to a 7% VAT which is crazy, as if their promo isn’t expensive enough.

I am not sure with the non-mobile internet offerings (wired/dsl/fiber), but this is just horrible.

I tried doing a speed test, 1 hour and it is still not done yet calculating its shit.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.33.10 AM

Now look at that download speed.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 12.56.36 AM

I did not post this to give praise to our local telco’s in PH, but this is just another rant. Anyway, I am not purely here to do the stuff I do at my home-office, I am on a vacation haha, well I am just disappointed that internet here isn’t any better.

*Edit: Checked-in at a hotel, wifi access powered by TOT ISP, now this is a lot better.


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