New Year, New Post – 2018

Thought I must make a new post since it is a new year.

This might be the only post for this year, we never know.

It is hard to manage tons of blogs and sites, and those that aren’t earning are left untouched most of the time. Just like this one.

So how was my 2017?

Well, nothing special. Same to many, I think I’ve wasted my 2017 not accomplishing my goals.

Sad fact indeed.

But now, I think I have the common dose of inspiration that gets shot every January of the year to most people.

Plans for this year:

  • make more money from own blogs and sites (sigh, I miss the old times)
  • make extra income from gigs managing other people’s blogs/sites
  • make money from stock market, well I need to learn first. Currently reading books about it and will continue to read even more until I fully understand every tidbits of it before making the dive.
  • ride more kilometers, reach new places, ride faster on uphills.
  • run more kilometers, increase my pace.
  • create more videos.
  • stay motivated.
  • stay alive.

As you can see, most of it are related to making more money. It all boils down to my desires to achieve my other goals:

  • finish fixing my parents’ house.
  • giving them a car eventually.
  • build my own house.
  • acquire my own car as well.
  • travel again.
  • get married and live a comfortable life.

The other stuff are for keeping me sane thru the ups and downs of everyday life.

I don’t expect these to all realize in 2018, but I thought I should write it here because on my past experiences, it seems that writing down your goals does some kind of mysterious magic.

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