The Color Manila Blacklight Tanay 2017 Experience

I just did my first 10k today.

We previously joined the previous Color Manila Run event here in Tanay last year, and it was a fun experience so that’s why see to it that we’ll definitely join the next one. Well, on this one we opt for the 10 kilometer run.

I have never ran at that distance before.

Blacklight was a night run. But with the same formula, color run, powder and lights were added. Although another element was added to this run, it was rain.

It was raining non-stop, albeit not too heavy, still it was a wet evening.

But that didn’t stopped the run. Everyone ran while showering and striding on wet road.

Just one issue with this run, decent photos are hard to come by, thanks to the wet weather, phones must be in a sandwich bag. That blurs out the camera lens.

For runners and non runners alike, it is definitely a fun experience for barkadas, family or anyone, but I would suggest that it is much better to join if the event is at dawn and there’s slightly to no chance of precipitation.

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